How many Instant Pots should I buy?

If you're wondering how many Instant Pots you should buy, the answer depends on your needs. Are you cooking for a large family or just yourself? Do you want to make one-pot meals or focus on side dishes? Here are some simple steps to help you decide:

  1. Determine your cooking needs - Consider how many people you're cooking for and what types of meals you want to make. If you plan to make one-pot meals, a larger Instant Pot may be necessary.

  2. Assess your kitchen space - Make sure there's enough storage for multiple Instant Pots if that's what you decide on.

  3. Consider budget - Instant Pots can get expensive, so determine if it's worth investing in multiple models.

  4. Test the waters with one pot - Start with one model and see how well it fits your needs before deciding whether or not to purchase more.

Ultimately, the decision of how many Instant Pots to buy is up to personal preference and specific needs.
Instant Pot Nova 6 Quart.

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