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About Instant Brands

Instant Brands is a company synonymous with quality, innovation, and affordability. With a portfolio that boasts iconic, category-leading brands such as Instant, Corelle, Pyrex, Corningware, Snapware, and Chicago Cutlery, Instant Brands is dedicated to making the joy of cooking and sharing food with family and friends accessible to everyone. In this article, we will explore the incredible range of Instant Brands' products that make everyday cooking a magical experience.

The Makers of The Instant Pot

The Instant Pot has truly revolutionized home cooking and become a cultural phenomenon. Its multi-functional capabilities, including pressure cooking, slow cooking, sautéing, and more, have made it an indispensable kitchen appliance for millions of households worldwide. The Instant Pot not only saves time and energy but also promotes healthier cooking methods that retain essential nutrients in food. With a vast online community creating and sharing innovative Instant Pot recipes, you can be sure to find inspiration for delicious, healthy meals for your family.

Everything Kitchen And More 

Instant Brands has expanded its product line beyond the Instant Pot, offering a wide array of small kitchen appliances designed to simplify home cooking and promote healthy lifestyles. These include blenders, toaster ovens, air fryers, coffee makers, and more. Each appliance is thoughtfully designed with the consumer in mind, ensuring that they are easy to use, efficient, and durable. With Instant Brands' small kitchen appliances, you can create restaurant-quality dishes at home, all while saving time and energy.

Instant Brands is not only about cooking appliances but also about providing high-quality, stylish, and durable cookware and bakeware. Corelle® dinnerware is known for its chip and break-resistant glass, ensuring that your plates and bowls will stand the test of time. Pyrex® glass bakeware and storage containers are versatile and can go from the oven to the table to the refrigerator with ease. Corningware® offers elegant and functional stoneware that is perfect for both baking and serving. With Instant Brands' cookware and bakeware, you can cook and serve your meals in style, making every meal an occasion to remember.

To complete the Instant Brands experience, Snapware® offers airtight, leak-proof food storage containers that keep your food fresh and prevent spills. These containers are perfect for meal prepping, storing leftovers, and taking meals on-the-go. And no kitchen is complete without high-quality knives, which is where Chicago Cutlery® comes in. With a reputation for precision and durability, these knives are a must-have for any home cook looking to elevate their culinary skills.

The Instant Brands Promise

What sets Instant Brands apart is not only its wide range of innovative products but also its commitment to intentional innovation, an open worldview, and integrity in every aspect of its business. The company employs over 2,400 employees on four continents, each dedicated to making togetherness easier in every home. Instant Brands listens to its consumers and evolves its products to meet their changing needs, ensuring that every product delights and enhances the cooking experience.

Instant Brands is a company that truly understands the joy and importance of cooking and sharing food with loved ones. Through its diverse range of innovative, high-quality, and affordable products, Instant Brands has made it possible for people all over the world to enjoy the magic of home cooking. From the beloved Instant Pot to its stylish and functional cookware, bakeware, and storage solutions, Instant Brands offers everything you need to make your kitchen a place of creativity, health, and togetherness. Experience the difference with Instant Brands and elevate your cooking game today.